cosmetic surgery expectations

There is a new plastic surgery series on Netflix, but unlike typical shock-value makeover shows such as Botched, it is challenging common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery, by focusing on the positive impact that a procedure can have on a patient’s wellbeing and self-esteem.

Skin Decision: Before and After follows a US plastic surgeon and an aesthetic nurse as they treat patients for a wide range of concerns. In each episode, the experts listen closely to their patient’s goals and determine whether a surgical or non-surgical procedure is the most appropriate option. The well-balanced series shows how these treatments can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life.

The importance of realistic goals when planning cosmetic surgery

Having realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can achieve is the most important factor when planning a procedure and your plastic surgeon will assess this during your consultation. Unrealistic expectations can include wanting to look like someone else, such as a celebrity, or believing it will change your life, particularly if you’ve gone through a recent major life event such as divorce. You should also never undergo surgery to please others.

Having realistic expectations means having perspective regarding any perceived imperfections. Also understanding that cosmetic surgery can produce a more aesthetically pleasing result but that producing perfection is not possible.

Post-procedure, it is also important to realise that your final result may take many months as there will be swelling and scarring that may take some time to fully heal. Maintaining your results will also require commitment; for example, liposuction can permanently remove fat, but unless you commit to a healthy lifestyle post-procedure, you will gain further weight

Good communication is also key to a good outcome; being able to clearly explain what is concerning you and what you’re hoping to achieve means your plastic surgeon can then advise you whether cosmetic surgery is the appropriate option for you and what your final result is likely to be.

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